90 (Dec/Jan/Feb 00/2001) Gertrud Sandqvist on the work of Marijke van Warmerdam, Kirsty Allison and Tahani Nadim examine the musical legacy of the riot grrls, Claire Bishop interviews Barbara Kruger, Caroline Wooley reflects on Jacqueline Donachie. Also featured:Tatiana Trouvé, Salla Tykkä. Writers include Rike Frank on Videos, Caroline Woodley in Glasgow, Sadie Murdoch, Sanne Kofod on Women in Bars. Elisabet Apelmo, Jaki Irvine and Jane Prophet as well as Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt reviewing Manifesta 3 and Annika Hansson on Rivane Neuenschwader. Book reviews include Mary Woronov and Laurie Anderson. Destabilising Gender with Jemima Stehli. Up close and personal with Cosey Fanni Tutti and Vox Pop asks the question: Which film influenced you most in the last millenium and why? Cover design by Pae White and Artists Pages by Gitte Villesen.

89 (Sep/Oct/Nov 2000) Yvonne Volkart on Lee Bul, Carey Young word exchanges with Liam Gillick, Pat Cadigan responds to Christina Mackie's work, Elinor Jansz on Cassandra Petchey, Jane Rendell on Women in Architecture, Annie Fletcher on the work of Susan Philipsz. Catherine Opie in Destabilising Gender, Mariele Neudecker, Monique Prieto, Jennifer Steinkamp and reviews of Susan Hiller, Presumed Innocent, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Annie Wilson and Sarah Woodfine, Kathy Temin and Digital Diaries. Vox Pop asks Cosey Fanni Tutti, Freddie Robbins and others the question: To what extent have you been seduced by New Technology? Up Close and Personal with Maureen Paley and artist's project by Regina Möller. Cover design by Pae White.


88 (Jun/Jul/Aug 2000) Cover design by Pae White. Kathy Battista on Zaha Hadid, Caroline Woodley on Michelle Naismith, Isabelle Graw on Sarah Morris and Jenni Sorkin in conversation with Shirin Neshat. Artists' pages feature Aleksandra Mir and Lucy McKenzie, Judith Halberstam in Destabilizing Gender considers the transgender images of artists Jenny Saville, Del LaGrace Volcano and Brian Dawn Chalkley. Karen Kilimnik is Up Close and Personal and the Vox Pop asks artists including Carey Young and Mary Barone the fate of the BritArt phenomenon. Reviews include work by Vanessa Beecroft, Roni Horn, Rineke Dijkstra, Sarah Lucas, Elizabeth Price and EV+A 2000.


87 (Mar/Apr/May 2000) Make ventures behind the scenes at the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Serpentine, explores the early British feminist art linked to conceptual art in the 70's, looks at the legacy of Prunella Clough, the artist as curator (Susan Hiller and Tania Kovats) and artists pages featuring Åsa Andersson, Marsha Meskimmon and Esther Sayers. Reviews focus on Diaries, Volumes of Vulnerability, Outrageous Agers, Sex Wars, Democracy, Kathy Prendergast, Claire Barclay, Ann-Sofi Siden, Cecily Brown, Emma Kay and Suzanne Treister. Vox Pop spans generations and new listing features are launched: Make It and Make A Note of It. Also Make gets Up Close and Personal with Marlene Dumas.


86 (Dec/Jan/Feb 99/2000) Geographies, Localisms and Nationalisms Lisa Panting travels through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Lorna Waite writes from Scotland, and two features look at women's art in Poland. Caryn Faure Walker interviews muf, Marion Kalmus explores inner maps. Reviews of Mella Jaarsma, Kerry Stewart, Babel, Angharad Jones. Focus on independent art publishing with Virginia Nimarkoh and Third Wave Feminism in the US. Artist's project by Claudia Schenk.