Andy Weir

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Andy Weir's MPhil/PhD Art research project

Aesthetics of the Deep Time Continuum

I will be yours forever, it whispers into your ear, as you wake up sweating and screaming. Eternity Now and Forever. Like the car in the Toyota GT86 ad, your petty eternity is shattered into CGI glass fragments. One would think this bit was the beginning of something else. The ionizing emission of radioactive material is measured to produce a rate of decay, 4.5 billion years for Uranium-254 (this could be meanwhile). Makes you think I guess, yeah wow. Already made endogenic tension points to its limits forever is no longer now. Deep time etc… Future without maintenance. Then, wonder as a waste of time, cosmos of Mac desktop background. When I was walking along the Thames Path I saw two men emptying carrier bags of stuff into the river, there’s art with a future. Zero it loops, slips, repeats, extends terrain of capitalization to the deep, inassimilable exteriority within it the problem. Its file circulates. One it parasites speculative radioactive material storage as extinction-oriented futurology. Two it tries to crawl out of the effective stun. Three it interfaces, abductive lure as its writing. Four refracts multiple methods until at the end it returns like it’s just been stuck in your ear the whole time.