Davinia Ann-Robinson

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Davinia Ann-Robinson's MPhil/PhD Art research project

Corporeal Intimacies: Through Tactile Knowledges of the Anthropocene

The practice-based PhD project examines the relationship between Black, Brown and Indigenous soil conservation practices, what I term as ‘Colonial Nature environments’ and ‘Bodies of Colour’, through the use of sculpture, sound, writing and performance. Through my material practice research, I am exploring how Presencing, fugitivity and tactility undo colonial and imperial frameworks through which nature and Bodies of Colour are articulated. The project builds on the work of Gail Lewis and Hortense Spillers questioning if a re-reading of ‘Bodies of Colour’ created through a fugitivity praxis of Presencing can create non-colonial imaginings of nature environments and dwelling in relation to the body. The project is founded on tactile interactions with body and soil - established primarily through the making of artworks and accompanied by an associated critical account.


  • Rehana Zaman
  • Nina Wakeford



'whose flesh you are' 2021