Josefina Camus

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Josefina Camus' MPhil/PhD Art research project

Energy Forms

In my research I would like to emphasise the performance as an “alive” experience, highlighting the state of becoming through energy. With the aim of showing the dynamic of the present emerge in time and space, revealing the process of metamorphosis as a transformation of the matter.

Lorena Ormeño

The main matters I would like to explore are body, sound and light. All of them have an energetic property, understanding energy as a “force of action” with capacity to transform and perform, which radiates electromagnetic vibrations.

I’m interested in using Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome concept to describe the body as a field of intensity, a connection of multiple forces and heterogenic non-meanings. In my research I would like to inquire how to depict the body as an energetic and polymorphic becoming. Considering the body as an open system where different structures (somatic, perceptive, coordinate and psychic) are in constant interaction. I would like to research the body as a container of polymorphic energies, looking into a wide palette of qualities in order to open up the plasticity of the body.

Using Foucault’s concept of heterotopy I’m interested in the research of ways to create energetic environments with non-hegemonic conditions, conceiving performance as a frame to create configurations of the experience that create new ways of feeling and induce new forms of subjectivity. I think this could be achieved exploring how a performance can activate space and transform it into a space of otherness, filled with potential.


Primary Supervisor: Edgar Schmitz
Second Supervisor: Grace Schwindt