Marie-Alix Isdahl

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Marie-Alix Isdahl's MPhil/PhD Art research project

Chemical Wedding

Marie-Alix Isdahl’s Chemical Wedding – The (Un)making Of White is a hybrid theory/practice doctoral thesis.

Using theory, text and moving images, her doctoral research investigates materiality, desire and the production of visibility (and opacity) within the extractive regime of titanium dioxide pigments. Isdahl’s projects often depart from an interest in the image, and a consideration of the histories, material and cultural, that underpin images and their circulation. She is particularly interested in the tipping-over moment when pre-verbal materiality becomes an image – of perception in its forming.

The Opacifier (2024), video still

The PhD is supported by a grant from the Henry Moore Foundation.


  • Dr Nina Wakeford
  • Dr Ros Gray