Millie Brown

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Millie Brown's MPhil/PhD Art research project

The Fear Journey into Art

The main contention of the thesis is that there are artistic consequences within academia and the art field when intersectional methodologies are not taken seriously enough. The fear journey into art is defined as a working definition of an intersectional methodological approach to practice that situates multiple divisions of difference as a creative practice.

The thesis is in two parts: a dissertation and a practice. The dissertation defines what a fear journey looks like as both academic and creative tool to answer the thesis problem through an exploration of the lived experiences of my collaborators and my own journey. I propose the thesis itself as a performative model of an intersectional methodology by evaluating what contribution it makes as a whole and what methods are deployed in order to answer the main argument in the dissertation and in practice.


  • Suhail Malik
  • Michelle Williams-Gamaker
  • David Mabb