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Young-In Hong's MPhil/PhD Art research project

A reappraisal of intuition in the perception of urban space with particular reference to cultural development in South Korea

Through my research I would like to explore the meaning of the ‘invisible’, particularly in the area of visual art. Here, invisibility is not the absence of visibility. In fact, it is visibility that hasn’t been explored in the sense that it has not received enough attention. The invisible and the visible here are not separated, but interrelated through the process of ‘becoming’ a ‘new visibility’. In representing that which hasn’t been given enough attention or visualized under certain norms in society, art becomes the means to express the ‘invisible’ space. I would like to suggest that this process could stimulate the discovery of possibility that could change the way in which visualization happens.

My research will be focused in three directions:

  1. Examining visibility and invisibility in relation to power structure
  2. My argument of he ‘invisible’ will be concretized throughout the examples of art of Abbas Kiarostami. Art here becomes a means to visualize that which is not expected to be visualized in our ordinary lives
  3. Henri Lefebvre is talking about the ‘Spectacular visibility of Capitalism society’. The ‘artistic representation’ of ‘everydayness’ in Kiarostami’s film will be looked at together. ‘Invisibility’ represented in Kiarostami’s film will show the forgotten space in human life that needs to be ‘reappropreated’. My curatorial project, my practice and written work will be presented together for the final conclusion of research

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