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"Goldsmiths provides amazing facilities that can help the students in their studio practice."

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Department Art
Country Singapore

"Goldsmiths has so far has lived up to its title of being one of the finest colleges for fine art in London, and I have enjoyed my first year of study immensely. The tutors have proven to be helpful, critical in aiding and guiding us in our art practice, and the structure of the programme has been well organized, giving us ample time to both gain knowledge and understanding in lessons as well as giving us the space and time to develop and work on our studio practice.

It is also surreal to see how Goldsmiths provides amazing facilities that can help the students in their studio practice and I am not only talking about the numerous immensely well-facilitated research labs but also by their art talks inviting some of London’s finest artists to come and share their knowledge to the students. Moreover, Goldsmiths capitalizes its strength in its location of London, structuring lessons and outings around the exciting art scene in London, organizing trips and outings to museums and art fairs and all.

It is only my first year but I look forward to developing myself and enjoying the next three years of education."

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