Zipeng Cheng

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‍The MA Computer Games Art & Design course is the main reason why I choose to study at Goldsmiths

‍The MA Computer Games Art & Design course is the main reason why I choose to study at Goldsmiths which provides me with a good chance to study and enhance my skills further with other brilliant students and teachers with different backgrounds. Before this course, I worked as a 2D game artist making concept designs and illustrations. So the most surprising experience about my studying here is that this course provides various content for students, not only involving the artistic part of game development but also programming, project management, and other areas. It is a very good chance for a student who is interested in the game development industry to find out what is the best position for you in a development team.

‍I am working as a Technical Artist now. Because My studying experience in Goldsmiths made me interested in the technical part of game art-making which I did not know a lot before. After I got in touch with the game engines and DCC tools through this course, I started to understand the interesting points of work as a Technical Artist and the possibility of this job. So I changed my mind and focused on how to deliver amazing digital artworks from a technical perspective. It is changing and interesting at the same time.

‍As an international student, studying life in South East London is fresh to me, which gives me a chance to feel the local’s life in London. Not the stereotype of London, but more daily lifestyle experience. It is a very precious experience in my life.