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"The Creative Computing course gives you freedom to explore your creativity."

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Year graduated 2014
Department Computing

"When I came to Goldsmiths for my first year of Creative Computing, I had no clue about how to use programming language or what SQL meant, but now as I am reaching the end of my course, I feel I have opened a whole new dimension of knowledge and skills for myself. I now feel a lot more freedom and confidence in solving any problem I might come across!

Because the areas of technology and especially computing are evolving very fast from year to year, our skills in using computer technology have to evolve together as fast; and this is probably the greatest skill that you grasp on this course. Creative Computing is a great course that not only teaches you how to program, but also gives you freedom to explore your creativity, and it is the main reason why I was eager to chose and study this course in the first place.

I hope in the future I could devote myself to many artistic projects, and use programming skills I've gained at Goldsmiths. One of them, for example, will be a fabric pattern designs created with computer coding."

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