Fernando Pili Jr

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Goldsmiths will never falter in shaping you for greater causes through its education and mentors.

Goldsmiths is a home, and more than a classroom

I always love to think that the degree is a lens of breakthroughs, full of infinite learning and in the profession, it is operationally creative. Goldsmiths is a home (more than a classroom). The department considers a student a family member who should look at education in a wider and deeper perspective. It is surprising to note that I have discovered new modes for teaching-learning. Studying at Goldsmiths made me want more as a persona and a professional, that whatever I have gained as knowledge, skill or experiences here must be taken into the world for humanity.

Job experiences, further study and future aspirations

Upon returning to my country of origin, I resumed in Wesleyan University, Philippines and assumed a new designation as Discipline Coordinator - Languages, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. I have been enjoying the dissemination, implementation and presentation of my Independent Research Paper. My research’s framework was adopted by a town for cultural and tourism event where I was designated as creative director and program coordinator. I also presented in an International Conference on Pedagogical and Research Innovation and won ‘Best Research Paper’ and ‘Best Research Presenter’. I consider this humble beginning as an advocate of culture, arts, education and economic opportunities. The future waits for me to work on certain causes- a service in which I want to devote my life at- anywhere, anytime.

Advice about studying

At first, fear may engulf your being, challenges may come anytime but it is up to your intentions of studying. But trust the process, never stop learning, and never surrender. Goldsmiths will never falter in shaping you for greater causes through its education and mentors. “You are greater than your doubts”. Goldsmiths is a paragon, a universal molder.

Perfect location and friendly public

Goldsmiths is a perfect location. There is more than a student needs which Goldsmiths can offer once inside the campus, from facilities, operations and conveniences. Expedient transportation, affordable housing and food stores are just around. While being new to the place, or seemingly ignorant at some points, people around are ready to help and besides reading signage and infographics can bring someone a long way. No matter who you are, where you came from and what your lifestyle is, Goldsmiths and London is a perfect fit for you.

Goldsmiths is a paradise in the city

Paradise in the City - a harmony of silver, gold and emerald. Despite being a commercial and industrial part of London, you can still see green lushes where one can rest and relax. They are not located far from each other- Goldsmiths, the green parks, the food and beverage stalls, department stores. I love everything about it.