Basil Mussad

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Go out there and try the unique things London can offer.

Encouraging you to be the best you can be

I have to say that I am very pleased with the education that I have received at Goldsmiths. Attending Goldsmiths also gives you access to the other University of London schools as well as the library at Senate House. My personal view is that Goldsmiths as an institution and as a culture hub has historically and consistently provided an environment whereby students often achieve and are encouraged to be the best they can be.

Do the best with your time at Goldsmiths, treasure it, give it your all, work hard, be curious and fascinated in all you study and it could be the stepping stone to a wonderful life. I think prospective students should embrace the experience, sign up for societies, go to pubs and make sure to go out there and try the unique things London can offer.

Embracing educational technology

I’m someone who loves learning about new educational technology and trends, so in the next five years, I see myself as having established strong knowledge of what’s new and emerging in educational technology. I’m currently working as a Learning Support Assistant and I am hoping to teach abroad for a while.