Klaudia Matasovska

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My PhD supervisors are well-established experts in their field and very supportive.

My research topic

Having enjoyed my MA Education: Culture, Language and Identity at Goldsmiths, I began my PhD in 2021. My research is about LGBT+ inclusion of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). As a former SEN teacher, I realise the importance of addressing LGBT+ inclusion in the context of classrooms with pupils with SEND. I am looking at the challenges and barriers for educators and school leaders in charge of implementing effective steps to address inclusion in SEN school settings. You can learn more about my research activities on my website.

Choosing the doctoral programme

My good relationships with members of the Department of Educational Studies, which started to be built during my MA studies, naturally inspired me to do my PhD at Goldsmiths. My PhD supervisors are well-established experts in their field and very supportive, and they have guided me on my PhD journey very effectively. Furthermore, the department has also supported me financially via a bursary. This has been very helpful to me as a full-time student. I have also been very supported by my PhD programme convenor who is a very experienced scholar.

My time at Goldsmiths

I really embrace having the opportunity to practise my presentation skills via the Work in Progress seminars, and also the PGR (postgraduate research) conferences for us PhD students where we can present our research to the university community. This enhances our confidence when it comes to public speaking, which is an important skill to have for any academic. In addition to this, we are always encouraged to engage in critical thinking and in meaningful discussions related to education.

Advice for future students

I would encourage students to network with others in the academic community as much as possible. This is good for enhancing your skills as a scholar, as well as for gaining opportunities to collaborate with others and learn from more experienced academics.

South East London experience

I like studying in South East London because of its vibrant diverse character and the lovely academic community that is part of this area.