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Hoo-Ron Yau

After completing his MA in 2016, Hoo-Ron works at the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority as the Performing Arts officer (Theatre).

Main details

Year graduated 2016
Country Hong Kong

Before my Goldsmiths time, I was a stage manager; now I am a performing arts officer (theatre) in the biggest ever arts development project in Hong Kong - the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD). My MA study in Goldsmiths has made this migration to another professional position in the cultural industry possible.

What the year-long programme struck me most was the balance between academic studies and placement opportunities. The insights and inspirations from the various arts fields taught like theatre, museum, music, dance, policies, etc elevated my imagination on new possibilities in the use of arts and culture. The invaluable experience of internship at Hackney Showroom opened my eyes on how off-west theatres operate in London. The passionate team of Hackney has shown me how theatre should be to society, minority, and diversity. At the end, my dissertation was on analysing the development of the 40-hectare WKCD in the context of creative city, with the emphasis on humanity and sustainability.

For the long road ahead, I wish I could make a difference because of what I have learned at Goldsmiths, be it cultural, social and beyond.

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