Yasuko Adachi

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The MA gave me knowledge of art and cultural policy which is useful for my research job.

"I graduated from MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in 2018, I am now in charge of research and international affairs at the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts. My main responsibilities include surveys for corporations and their art and cultural activities, I then issue research reports based on the survey results every year. Our surveys are a commisioned project from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the Japanese government. 

Before studying at Goldsmiths, I already studied for two Masters degrees in Japan: a Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts. Studying at Goldsmiths was an opportunity to get international knowledge and experience, and was really the final stage of my academic journey before working again. Regarding my current job, I always use what I learned during all of my studies. Having a knowledge of art and the cultural policy situation in the UK and other European countries is very useful for my research job."

Occupation: Research and International Affairs at the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts