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"Goldsmiths’ interdisciplinary approach to research has opened me to a wealth of ideas."

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"I think I can say, without hyperbole, that the MA changed me profoundly; it certainly changed the way I looked at the world and encouraged me to seek out, if not more accurate answers, then certainly better questions. Goldsmiths’ interdisciplinary approach to research has opened me to a wealth of ideas, from the social sciences, arts and humanities into the natural sciences, biology and the field of biotechnology.

I am now in the last year (I hope) of a part time PhD. I’m still based in the Media and Communications department and am exploring a number of ideas I first encountered on my MA. My field is ‘new media’, but specifically biotechnology and I am studying a group of artists who are appropriating the techniques used to culture animal tissues (the same techniques behind the 'lab grown burger') in order to create (or grow) semi-living artworks.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have worked as a visiting tutor in the Media and Communications department since 2009, leading seminars for the undergraduate course ‘After New Media’. This has truly been an eye-opening experience. Goldsmiths undergraduates are a fascinating bunch – they are so much more engaged than I was at undergraduate level. I’m constantly amazed by their extensive reading and ability to critically engage with what is a very challenging subject. Teaching has become my passion – I love the enthusiasm of students and their ability to make me constantly re-assess my own ideas and opinions – I am sure I have learnt as much, if not more, from them as (I hope) they have learnt from me."  

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