Hope Dove

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The MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy was such an insightful course.

Hope's time at Goldsmiths

I enjoyed my time at Goldsmiths immensely. I learned so much in my MA that has helped strengthen my analytical thinking skills, and in fact it made me know that I wanted to pursue my PhD and teach. The MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy was such an insightful course in which I engaged with some great thinkers and writers who have influenced my continued work greatly. The course director, Shela Sheikh was excellent and introduced us to media, art, and conferences that helped to open our academic repertoire to a next level. I cannot recommend this course enough!...

What's Hope doing now

I am currently studying for my PhD and teaching on an assistantship at Temple University in the U.S. I enjoy studying and working around brilliant thinkers and in a positive academic community. I would like to teach in California.

Advice for future students

Going back to university for me was one of the best decisions of my life. I came in in my 30's as a mature student and never looked back. It has afforded me greater opportunities and I have met wonderful people throughout my studies. I have already met another Goldsmiths grad at Temple, and we both remember it fondly and proudly. I transferred from LSE and found Goldsmiths to be a welcoming place where I felt comfortable almost immediately, which was not my experience at LSE. If you are thinking about going to university, Goldsmiths in particular, I would say, do it you will not regret it....

Life in South East London

There were some nice little cafes and places to eat in the area. It was easily accessible by train from central London and the campus is beautiful.