Karin Svensson

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Studying at Goldsmiths set me on my path towards a successful career as a freelance journalist.

A life-changing experience

Studying at Goldsmiths was a life-changing experience for me. It gave me practical skills as well as the confidence to explore my creativity, and set me on my path towards a successful career as a freelance journalist. My tutor, Professor Tim Crook, was very encouraging and inspiring, and I am happy to say we still keep in touch.

A successful career

After starting out in the newsroom of a syndicated press agency I have now been a freelance journalist since 2007, writing and making radio about popular culture and how it intersects with other areas – such as politics, science, history and psychology –  for a number of Scandinavian media outlets. I am currently producing the podcast Nobel Prize Conversations, in collaboration with The Nobel Foundation.

A fascinating and rebellious history

New Cross might not be as scenic as some other parts of London, but it does have a fascinating and rebellious history (check out the Goldsmiths History Project blog for more on this), great diversity and lots of rugged charm. 

Advice for prospective students

My advice for anyone studying at Goldsmiths would be to soak it all up – the teaching as well as the social side. Make friends from all over the world, and hold on to them – those relationships will enrich your life, professionally and personally.