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Alice is an established animator, director and film-maker. She is also an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths.

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Year graduated 2008

"I completed an Art Foundation and then jumped back to science, deciding I wanted to do a degree in Psychology. There was a pattern forming here - so when it came to looking at places to study Psychology I thought that Goldsmiths would suit me perfectly, with its combination of psychology and the arts subjects.

Obviously, I did change my mind again. Goldsmiths was buzzing with people performing, building things and rushing around the chequered corridors and on the green with cameras and microphones, or sketch books or cellos. The walls were covered in art work and the whole atmosphere of the place was electric. I was like a kid in a sweet shop and gradually I started to spend more and more time in the media centre helping out 3rd years, rather than doing my own work in the psychology department so I realised it was time to change direction again. Although this time is was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I never thought I would be someone who dropped out of University. I had worked so hard to get there and felt I was letting myself and other people down and had just wasted a huge amount of money.

Looking back, it was one of the best choices I have ever made as it made it certain of the direction I wanted to persue. I knew the college was right for me and it was just the course that wasn't and so I reapplied for BA Media and Communications the following year. The Media and Communications course has a fascinating, well structured theoretical side but also allows you to experiment and play around with all forms of media; illustration, journalism, photography, film, script-writing, documentary, radio and (best of all) animation. It was wonderful and more than held my attention for the full three years! The college allowed me to specialise in animation, make my own film and also be involved in other projects with people from other departments, which was always hugely inspiring.

Being based in London, Goldsmiths was ideal for getting work experience in the film and animation industry during the holidays. And most (if not all) the tutors in the department were working professionals and were always there to give advice and to get you placements if they could. The work experience really was invaluable. It enabled me to see which industry and role I liked and allowed me to build up a number of good contacts. It meant that by the time I graduated, I had three years of experience in the industry and a huge list of people who I'd worked for, for free and who would (hopefully) be ready to help me when I really needed it.

Luckily the hard-work paid off and thanks in part to a friend I met at Goldsmiths, I managed to get some work experience on Wes Anderson's, animated stop-motion feature film, 'Fantastic Mr Fox' straight after graduating. This is turn lead to a paid role of 3rd Assistant Director on the film. Since then, I have been working as a free-lancer in the animation industry in London as an animator, compositor and animation director and producer. A lot of the work I do is for animation company, VooDooDog, who I was introduced to by one of my Goldsmiths tutors and I am still very grateful for the introduction. Earlier this year (again largely thanks to a friend I made at Goldsmiths who set up a Freetown based-ethical fashion Label, NearFar) I spent 3 months living in Freetown, Sierra Leone and with 3 others, set up the first ever Sierra Leone International Film Festival (SLIFF) and ran an animation workshop out there.

Despite graduating from Goldsmiths four years ago, I still feel support from the staff and tutors from the media and communications course and am always keen to keep in touch and to see the work that they are producing. I am also eternally grateful to the place for the friends I made during my time there - they are a wonderful mix of film-makers, writers, performers, musicians, fashion designers, historians and philosophers who continue to inspire me and my work everyday.

In October this year, I'm starting at the Royal College of Art to do a Masters in Animation."

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