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"The most important aspect of Goldsmiths, for me, was the opportunity to meet people in the same industry."

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"I didn't think I was interested in going to University at all at first. I was unsure of my options and no courses particularly interested me. I was not 100% sure on my career path and I didn't wish to specialize too early and limit my options later on in life. I knew liked being creative but didn't know enough about what jobs were out there and how I could make money from my ideas.

After taking some time out where I travelled and worked in a variety of jobs I realized I wanted to work in film and media but as I tried to get work in this field (I interned for fashion magazines, worked as an extra for films, worked for Edinburgh fringe festival) I found the industry very impenetrable as I didn't have any contacts on the ‘inside’.

I then heard about Goldsmiths, through a friend who was applying for the same course. I read the course prospectus and liked the fact I would have an opportunity to try a variety of media- from illustration and journalism, animation, to photography and film. It enabled me to keep my options open for longer, which suited how I felt at the time. It also had a theoretical element to kick-start my brain and challenge me.

Goldsmiths is quite unique. Being based in London and not a ‘campus’ style university adds to its’ diversity. It’s easy to live an independent London life and gain great exposure to the media industry while still learning. There were also plenty of mature students who wished to take their course seriously, and were genuinely interested in working on exciting projects, and developing their skills.

I ended up specialising in documentary filmmaking, which I loved. My tutor was a working professional, who not only was I able to understand best working practices, but also introduced us to many visiting tutors who would give us a more in-depth knowledge of more specific roles in the industry.

When I left university I worked for on the marketing team for Red Bull managing events and media in East London, which allowed me to see a more savvy, commercial side of the industry.

I then left Red Bull in 2009 to set up my own film and events production company Mugshot Films.  I have since been making content and running events for a variety of well-known clients. As a company, we have been made documentaries for the British Museum, music videos, and are now working on a short film that will shoot in September 2012.  I also did a stint on the production team at the Disney film Frankenweenie, directed by Tim Burton. Which I got through another contact made during university.

The most important aspect of Goldsmiths, for me, was the opportunity to meet people in the same industry, which I was unable to do pre-university.   The students I graduated alongside are now all established in their chosen occupation. I now have a wealth of talented editors, technically skilled camera ops, animators and directors who I trust to work well on projects with me."

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