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“My time at Goldsmiths was an extremely valuable experience, whether considering career development, friendships, or the personal development associated with living abroad."

Main details

Year graduated 2011
Department Psychology
Country Canada

"As a musician with a growing passion for neuroscience, the unique MSc programme in Music, Mind and Brain was a perfect fit for my interests, experience, and career trajectory. The opportunities to apply my interdisciplinary knowledge, gain hands-on experience with various technical and theoretical research perspectives, and to meet renowned scientists in my new field have been invaluable. These opportunities led directly to my current position as a PhD candidate in Neuroscience, studying how the brain processes musical rhythm and beat.

Beyond specific programme courses and research opportunities, the personal and professional relationships I made are a highlight of my time at Goldsmiths. I met many leading researchers in my field who came to Goldsmiths as guest speakers, and gained close friends within in my programme and beyond. Having a group of friends – with impressive international representation – working in my own interdisciplinary field has already proven a source of opportunity and fun.

Not least, living in London provided unique scientific, academic, and cultural opportunities that I would not have had elsewhere. I was able to engage with the rich academic context in London and the UK broadly, with opportunities to participate in conferences, workshops, and hands-on research at other institutions. Beyond Goldsmiths, education, and career orientation, London is an endlessly fun and vibrant city, and a year spent there is an opportunity not to be missed!"

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