Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funding opportunities

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Goldsmiths is one of nine leading research institutions that are part of CHASE, the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts Southeast England.

CHASE funds up to 56 studentships per year across nine participating universities.


CHASE funds up to 56 studentships for talented doctoral candidates each year, across nine participating universities. As part of the commitment of both CHASE and member Universities such as Goldsmiths to the values of diversity and inclusivity, we particularly welcome applicants from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, and CHASE offer additional studentships in partnership with the Stuart Hall Foundation for these candidates.  These studentships cover: Tuition fees each year (this is currently £4,712 per year for full-time study) A maintenance grant each year (this is currently £20,622 per year for full-time study, including London weighting)  There are also professional development opportunities, including the enhancement of media skills and placements with arts organisations in the UK or overseas.

Year of entry


Eligibility criteria

Research projects by MPhil/PhD applicants for any Goldsmiths Department oriented towards Arts and Humanities Research are eligible to be considered for funding.

International students are eligible for all UKRI-funded postgraduate studentships. The award will cover a stipend to support living costs (£20,622 for 2023/24) and tuition fees at the international rate (with funding provided by both Goldsmiths and the UKRI).

If you have already started doctoral study, you may still be eligible for an AHRC studentship funding providing that, at the start of the AHRC funding awarded, you will have at least 50% of your fundable period of study (which excludes the writing up/completion period) remaining.

A student who has started their doctoral studies (unfunded) on a part-time basis is permitted to convert to full-time status upon receipt of an award.

Application deadlines

The first stage of the application process is that you must apply for a postgraduate place for your intended programme of study via the standard Goldsmiths application method. For the majority of Departments, this should be done as soon as possible and absolutely no later than 5 January 2024 (17:00 GMT). Please note that the following Departments have set earlier deadlines in order to accommodate internal review processes:

· Art - 20 November 2023

· Music - 1 December 2023

· Visual Cultures - 3 November 2023

The second stage of the application process is the CHASE AHRC studentship application, made via the CHASE SMApply system). Any candidate who applies for funding via the CHASE AHRC application process on SMApply who have not already applied for a postgraduate place at Goldsmiths by the relevant admissions application deadline as above will be deemed ineligible. The deadline for this second stage of the process is 26 January 2024 (5pm UK time).

Please note that access to the SMApply system requires the access code, which for Goldsmiths candidates will be provided by your Departmental CHASE contact (normally the PGR Convenor).

If you have already started your studies and eligible to apply as per the note above, you should email your Departmental CHASE contact to indicate you intend to apply and require the access code.

Application deadlines

You are strongly advised to contact the department you are interested in joining for details of their selection processes (including any internal deadlines they may have). We would also encourage you to discuss the completion of the separate CHASE SMApply application with the relevant Departmental PGR Convenor. 

Shortlisted applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application in early May 2024.

Contact details

If you have any queries, please contact the Goldsmiths Graduate School:

Events run by CHASE

Separately, CHASE will be hosting several applicant events (3 and 10 November 2023) to give more detail about the general process. If attending these events, please keep in mind the deadlines above internal to Goldsmiths.

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