Computing future careers

Studying Computing at Goldsmiths incorporates a wide range of topics. Employers are interested in both the technical skills you gain during your degree and the broader transferable skills you will develop.

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What skills will I gain from a computing degree?

Studying computing at Goldsmiths will provide you with a variety of technical skills that are in demand. These include designing, developing and applying software, an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of computing, ie hardware, software, architecture and operating systems and programming languages. You'll also learn more general skills like teamwork, creative thinking, report writing, time management and organisation and presenting.

What industries can I work in with a computing degree?

As well as finding work in IT companies, many of our graduates are employed outside of the industry in companies that need technical support. This could include work within financial services and telecommunications firms, retailers and manufacturers. 

The games development industry also employs a large number of our graduates. Many of the larger companies have studios in the UK, such as Sony, Rockstar and Disney.

Where do Goldsmiths computing graduates work?

Computing graduates go on to work in a huge variety of careers. Some of our recent graduates now work for companies as diverse as Ford, Oxfam, Sony, Rockstar Games and