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Goldsmiths History graduates go into a very wide range of careers. Employers highly respect the knowledge, approaches and skills that form part of a history degree, making history an especially flexible degree for future career choices.

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What skills will I gain from a History degree?

Studying History and combined subjects at Goldsmiths will help you develop a number of skills highly sought by graduate employers. These include analytical skills, the ability and confidence to think critically and independently, experience in research and gathering insights from a range of subjects and the ability to express ideas clearly, both in writing and speech. 

What kinds of industries do History graduates work in?

Our graduates work in a variety of different industries including central and local government, the cultural sectors, education, information management, social research organisations and think tanks. 

Where do History graduates work?

Recent graduates are now employed as business development executives, English teachers, recruitment consultants, policy administrators and business development executives.


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