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Goldsmiths History graduates go into a very wide range of careers. Employers highly respect the knowledge, approaches and skills that form part of a history degree, making history an especially flexible degree for future career choices.

What skills will I gain from a History degree?

Studying History and combined subjects at Goldsmiths will help you develop a number of skills highly sought by graduate employers. These include analytical skills, the ability and confidence to think critically and independently, experience in research and gathering insights from a range of subjects and the ability to express ideas clearly, both in writing and speech. 

What kinds of industries do History graduates work in?

Our graduates work in a variety of different industries including central and local government, the cultural sectors, education, information management, social research organisations and think tanks. 

Where do History graduates work?

Recent graduates are now employed as business development executives, english teachers, recruitment consultants, policy administrators and business development executives.

History graduate stories:


Photo of James
"The transferable skills from my History degree have been immeasurable... I'd almost argue that this degree has better prepared me for a career in law than a law degree could!"

"More than anything else, History at Goldsmiths teaches you to think differently and independently. When I started at Goldsmiths I wouldn't have dreamed of being a barrister - but it is thanks to this academic ethos that I was able to come to that decision. I've been taught how to learn for myself - my own research, my own opinions - and this has given me huge self-confidence in my own abilities.

The transferable skills from my History degree have been immeasurable: how to structure a coherent argument - both in writing and in public speaking. How to consume huge amounts of information and glean the bits important to your research area. How to intellectually handle a broad spectrum of theories and ideologies. I'd almost argue that this degree has better prepared me for a career in law than a law degree could!

My ambition is to be a barrister mainly in criminal, immigration and employment law. I also aspire to be the best at it, and the most socially progressive - I certainly don't plan on being a judge and earning millions!

My advice to current history students thinking about their future would be to keep your options as broad as you can. You learn so many skills from a History degree, and it is such an achievement to graduate, that you shouldn't understate yourself - to employers and to yourself.

My time being involved in the Goldsmiths Students' Union was simply life-changing. If you're not involved in some way with the Union then you're not getting the full experience at university. During my time at the Union, I learnt public speaking, went on prison visits, visited Palestine, attended meetings with the local MP, debated and negotiated with university management, and learnt how to box! There is so much opportunity there - frankly I wouldn't be where I am without the union so I owe them big time."


Photo of Charlotte
"Goldsmiths left me with a determination that I don't think I had beforehand; a determination to succeed and do well in anything I try my hand at."

"After coming to the open day I immediately felt the friendly vibe and relaxed atmosphere Goldsmiths has. It has elements of a campus with the layout but whilst still being in a big city with all the advantages that brings, such as the free museums and talks! The course options at Goldsmiths were a refreshing change from other universities I had looked at – there were vastly varying options and units that were different from the work I had done at school.

Goldsmiths taught me to be very confident and self assured when applying for jobs, which was obviously my main concern after leaving uni. My extra-curricular activities within Goldsmiths meant I was prepared for interviews and ready to hit the ground running when I got my current job.

I'm now working at The Pensions Management Institute, as Office Coordinator and Assistant Accountant. I look after the general management of the office, work with the finance team, and am the head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the Social Committee. I think I'm personable and confident, and both of these traits were developed at Goldsmiths – not only through the various experiences of running to be on the Student Assembly and a Trustee within the Students' Union, but also through the people I met and the course I took.

Goldsmiths also left me with a determination that I don't think I had beforehand; a determination to succeed and do well in anything I try my hand at which I think has helped immensely in my current job, and contributed towards getting promoted within 5 months – I hope this continues!"

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