Theatre and Performance future careers

Studying Theatre and Performance at Goldsmiths offers a great opportunity to develop a range of intellectual and practical skills.

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What skills will I gain from a Theatre and Performance degree?

As Theatre and Performance degrees have a significant practical component from the first year you will be taking on varied roles in groups: negotiating, planning and organising performances. These are skills sought by graduate employers.

You will also be encouraged to push creative boundaries and therefore develop a high level of thinking ‘outside the box’. Your ability to communicate to an audience and to your peers is particularly key and will make you attractive to employers.

What kinds of industries do Theatre and Performance graduates work in?

Arts Management

This covers working for arts venues or organisations in a range of roles such as PR, marketing, programming or general administration.

Community Arts Worker/Education Officer

In these roles you will work with sections of the community to address issues such as social inclusion. You might work for a voluntary sector organisation or a theatre outreach/education department.

Events Management, Marketing or PR

These roles will use the high level of communication, creative thinking and organisational skills developed on your degree.


This is a common avenue in creative fields. You may set up your own theatre company, work as an actor, have a technical role or run drama workshops.


A career as a school teacher is open to you if you take a postgraduate teaching qualification. You might also choose to teach in a less formal setting, through an arts venue or theatre company.

Where do Theatre and Performance graduates work?

You may decide to work in theatre, in devising, performing or technical roles, or move towards arts management. A number of our students build successful freelance careers (or ‘portfolio’ careers) combining a number of different roles. Our graduates are now employed in a huge variety of companies and industries including press officers, lighting designers, account managers, actors, social media managers and costume designers.