Visual Cultures future careers

Studying modern and contemporary art history and visual culture will develop your critical and analytical skills. In terms of future employment, the skills you learn will be transferable to a variety of industries.

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What skills will I gain from a Visual Cultures degree?

Studying Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths will enable you to develop a variety of skills that can be applied to a broad range of industries. These include:

  • analysing and interpreting information
  • using critical judgement to form opinions
  • formulating strong arguments
  • presenting information in a coherent and balanced way
  • developing excellent listening skills
  • oral and written communication skills
  • working independently
  • planning and organising

What kinds of industries do Visual Cultures graduates work in?


You may work as a teacher delivering the national curriculum to school students or as an education officer within a museum or gallery. As an education officer, you will develop, deliver and evaluate programmes and events for classes. These programmes are often designed to engage with those who don’t normally frequent museums or galleries.

Journalism and Publishing

As a journalist, you will be responsible for investigating, gathering and reporting on news and current affairs. You might choose to use your knowledge of visual culture practice to write arts-related features for print and online media. Working in publishing you will be involved with the production of a range of materials including books, journals, magazines and newspapers.

Museums, Galleries and Heritage

As a graduate, you may choose to work within a museum, gallery or heritage centre. In the role of curator or exhibition manager, you will acquire, care for, develop and display a collection of artwork or artefacts in order to inform, educate and entertain the public. Your job may also involve planning and organising logistics related to events, buildings, artists and personnel.

Where do Visual Cultures graduates work?

Visual Cultures graduates go on to work in a huge variety of industries. Some of our recent graduates now work as Marketing Officers, Studio Assistants, Company Directors and Curators.

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