Informal data inspection for current students


Please consider, before invoking the formal legal process of Data Subject Access, whether the informal route would better meet your needs. The Informal Access to Informal Files procedure is specifically designed to enable students submitting academic appeals to obtain information within 14 days, which is not guaranteed by the Data Subject Access procedure (28 days). All information held in the academic department at the time of the request concerning performance in examinations or other assessed work will be included.

Students wishing to inspect their files should request an appointment by contacting the relevant office (see chart below). An appointment will normally be granted within 2 working weeks of the request. Half an hour will initially be allowed for the inspection of the file. If more than half an hour is required, the person making the request may be asked to return later.

Students inspecting their files may request up to ten single-sided photocopies, to be provided by the relevant office soon after the inspection appointment. More extensive photocopying will require a formal Data Subject Access Request.

Before the file inspection appointment, any items whose disclosure would infringe another person's rights as a Data Subject will have been removed. This may include personal references in cases when the referee has stated in giving the reference that he/she does not wish it to be shown to the Data Subject. No data will be removed from a personal file prior to an informal inspection which the individual making the inspection would be able to obtain by making a Data Subject Access Request.

Appointments for informal inspection of files should be made by contacting directly the appropriate office or person listed below. Other types of file will normally require a Data Subject Access Request, but in cases of doubt the Data Protection Officer at dp ( may be contacted.

Student Services Department (records from former Registry and Student Support Office)

Enrolments and Records

student-records (
or tel ext 7292

Residential services student records

Head of Residences, Catering and Conference Services

accommodation (
or tel ext 7262

Student records in academic departments

Departmental Business Manager for your academic department