Recording Policy


1  Context for Policy

The General Regulation on Information Law Compliance and Records Management states that: Official recordings made by the College (usually initiated by the person with lead responsibility for the event, or as a result of a wider institutional policy decision)  shall be in accordance with procedures approved by a committee of the College appointed by Council to act on its behalf, and a member of staff designated by the Registrar and Secretary shall be responsible for facilitating the recording process and ensuring that the requirements of the Records Management Policy are met. 

2  Definition of Official Recording

For the purpose of this procedure, an official recording is defined as follows:

  • Any recording (audio or video) made or facilitated by a member of staff of Goldsmiths in the course of their work for the College, or by a subcontractor engaged by the College.
  • Any other recording for which it is reasonable to believe that the College is or will be data controller.

3  Requirements for Official Recordings

  • The recording will be stored at a location specified by Goldsmiths ITIS Department and under their direct control. 
  • Individuals to be seen or heard in recordings will have been informed by the organisers in advance of the College's intentions as regards any publication of the recordings. Where no publication is planned, they will be reminded that the College will be the holder of the recording for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act, and the recording will (unless an exemption in the Act applies) be available to the general public by that route.
  • The Chief Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Head of Department responsibilities under the Records Management Policy are met in relation to official recordings. These include ensuring that recordings are retained and organised in such a way that he/she has control of retention scheduling, and that the recorded material is in this and other respects processed in accordance with the terms to which any data subjects of the recording have agreed. CCTV operations and recordings are the responsibility of the Director of Estates and Facilities.  

4  Practical Arrangements

(i)         Presentation ceremonies for degrees

  • All participants are notified before the ceremony of the intention to record and video-stream (with graduates being expected to inform their guests).
  • Graduates have the right to participate in the ceremony without being photographed, and without their name appearing in the soundtrack.

(ii)       Official Recordings of teaching

  • No recording of students on compulsory courses may be undertaken, unless a programme has been set up in such a way that this was evident in student recruitment material for the programme and the fair processing notice issued to students on enrolment.
  • The College's recordings of teaching sessions are not compulsory for staff (except for private recordings to support students with disabilities). However, the Goldsmiths Podcasting Service has been established to support staff who wish their own lectures to be audio-recorded.

(iii)      CCTV

  • The College operates CCTV to safeguard the safety and security of the College and its members and maintain good order. Footage captured may be processed for the investigation of crime and the apprehension of offenders.
    The Director of Estates and Facilities is responsible for the storage of recordings and the implementation of the Retention Schedule in relation to these recordings.