Available qualifications

There are various different awards and different routes to study through our distance learning programmes.

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Each distance learning undergraduate programme has the levels below:

  • Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education (120 credits)
  • Level 5 Diploma of Higher Education (240 credits)
  • Level 6 BA or BSc (360 credits)

Each module is worth 15 or 30 credits, and students will have to complete 360 credits to be eligible for a degree in either English or Computing.

There are two intermediate awards which are a Certificate of Higher Education or Diploma of Higher Education. These awards are available to students who are unable to complete their degree or who wish to study at this level. Further information is available on the programme pages.

Each distance learning postgraduate programme will have 180 credits. To be awarded a postgraduate degree, you will complete four core modules, two compulsory modules, four optional modules, and a final project.

Postgraduate diplomas and certificates are available, and you can find out more information about these awards on the University of London website.