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The University of London Computing programmes

Goldsmiths has offered degrees in Computing through the University of London since 1992, starting with Computing and Information Systems. 

The Creative Computing programme was launched in 2007. We currently have over 1,000 students registered on our Computing programmes.

There are various programmes and different routes to study:

  • Level 4 Certificate of Education in Computing and Information Systems* (120 credits)
  • Level 4 Certificate of Education in Creative Computing* (120 credits)
  • Level 6 BSc in Computing and Information Systems (360 credits)
  • Level 6 BSc in Creative Computing (360 credits)

*All Certificate of Higher Education students are required to take a study skills course, which is assessed by their teaching institution.

Two intermediate awards are available to BSc students who meet the relevant criteria and are unable to complete their degree for any reason:

  • Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education (120 credits)
  • Level 5 Diploma of Higher Education (240 credits)

Computing and Information Systems

This programme is for you if you want to learn how to develop systems that can grow to meet new and changing needs in business environments and in arts, media and cultural applications. It also provides a route to a variety of higher degrees in the computing and information systems sector.

It aims to give you a wide appreciation of the subject, rather than just an understanding of existing commercial approaches, so that your knowledge can evolve and adapt to meet emerging needs. You will develop skills in:

  • various aspects of programming
  • computer systems development and project management
  • design of database management systems, e-commerce, computer security and information systems management

Further information about Computing and Information Systems can be found on the University of London website.

Creative Computing

This programme is unique as it gives undergraduate students skills in designing computer applications as well as using them. It will enable you to express your own creativity and give you the knowledge, confidence and ability to act as a creative professional in the computing, media and arts industries. 

The range of skills you will develop include:

  • visual and audio design by programming
  • storyboarding – from ideas to implementation
  • creative processing for digital media: generating films, music, animations and games
  • Java programming

Further information about Creative Computing can be found on the University of London website.

Routes to study

The BSc comprises courses to a value of 360 credits which are taken in three stages, 120 credits at Levels 4, 5 and 6. You have 3-8 years to complete the degree. If you have already studied some relevant material and are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning you may be able to complete the degree in less than three years. You are welcome to apply to transfer to Goldsmiths to complete your degree, entering at Level 5 if you have successfully completed all the Level 4 courses or Level 6 if you have successfully completed all the Level 4 and 5 courses.

The Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education, which is an award in its own right, comprises four compulsory examined courses, each of which is worth 30 credits, and a study skills course that is assessed by authorised teaching institutions. If you do not meet the entrance requirements for the degree programmes you may be able to apply for the Certificate of Higher Education, which has lower entrance requirements. Successful completion of the Certificate of Higher Education will give you entry to Level 5 of the BSc, and you will be credited with 120 credits for the four Level 4 courses passed. Further information, including entrance requirements, is available on the University of London website:

To study for one of the Certificates of Higher Education you will need to register at an authorised teaching institution. A list of institutions that have been granted Certificate Teaching Status is provided on the University of London website.

If you meet the entrance requirements for the BSc you may still apply to study the Certificate of Higher Education if you wish to do so. 

The Work Experience Entry Route is not an award in its own right. It consists of two Level 4 courses, each of which is worth 30 credits, and provides entry to the BSc if you do not have traditional A-levels or their equivalent.

If you would like further information about the University of London programmes at Goldsmiths, please contact:

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