Discover creative studies in the UK

Please join us to learn more about studying for a creative degree in the UK. We will be offering a variety of sessions covering specific creative disciplines, preparing a portfolio, creative careers and finding the right university for you.

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There will also be an opportunity to hear directly from current students about their experiences studying for a creative degree in the UK.

Sessions take place between 13-14 October 2021 and will include a minimum of three UK universities offering creative studies to ensure a broad representation in all topics. All sessions are offered twice to suit the different time zones. Please choose the session that suits your schedule. Not sure what time zone matches the schedule? Check this website!

All sessions will be online and links will be made available after booking.

Session details

Wednesday 13 October 2021

University Counsellors’ Session – 09:00 (BST),  17:00 (BST) 

Targeted at counsellors and advisors assisting students with their university research and applications, this session will provide information on UK creative degrees and an overview of useful resources. There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion.

Study Art, Design, and Media in the UK – 10:00 (BST),  18:00 (BST) 

Explore the myriad of opportunities to study visual arts in the UK. This session will review the teaching and learning style popular at UK universities, explore the broad range of creative disciplines available, and offer some suggestions and resources about studying these subjects in the UK.

Study Architecture and Design in the UK – 11:00 (BST),  19:00 (BST)

Architecture and design offer many opportunities for creative and professional career pathways. In this session, we will discuss architecture as a creative study option as well as related design fields including interior design.

Study Performance in the UK & Preparing for your audition to a creative degree in the UK – 11:00 (BST),  19:00 (BST)

Study acting, drama, or music in the home of Shakespeare, James Bond, and The Beatles. This session will outline what options exist for performance-based studies in the UK and help prepare you for your audition submission.

Information for international students– Studying a Creative Degree in the UK – 12:00 (BST),  20:00 (BST)

This session is for those who haven’t quite narrowed it down and want to hear it all! We will touch on what makes creative studies in the UK unique and the opportunities that may come from your studies. Topics covered will include: what is it like to study at a British university, our studio-based campus culture, the application and admissions process. Ample time for questions will be included!

Thursday 14 October 2021

Study Film, TV, and Media in the UK – 08:00 (BST), 16:00 (BST)

A session for those seeking work in moving image, technology, or interactive arts - join us for an overview of studying courses related to media. Film production, television arts, performance design, costume, user experience, VFX, games design, and more are included in this session. Learn about the course content, professional opportunities, and how to ensure you are ready to submit a strong application. 

Preparing a portfolio for your application to a Creative Degree in the UK – 09:00 (BST),  17:00 (BST)

In this session, we will offer some tips and hints on preparing your portfolio for university admission. Topics will include: how to know what to submit, what form should my portfolio take, and what universities are looking for in your portfolio.

Creative Careers – finding employment with your British creative degree – 10:00 (BST),  18:00 (BST)

Gone is the old trope of the starving artist unable to find gainful employment! Did you know that one in 11 jobs in the United Kingdom is related to the creative industries? And that according to research, creative jobs are far less likely to be replaced by automation? Join us for a discussion of creative career opportunities and how the universities will support your career aspirations.

AMA Session (Ask Me Anything) – 11:00 (BST),  19:00 (BST)

Join us for a live chat with current international students studying creative degrees at UK universities. Our panel of students will give you their thoughts on studying in the UK and how they came to this decision. Following that, the majority of the session will be your questions. This promises to be a lively and honest session full of good advice and lessons learned!

Finding your best fit - choosing the right university for you! – 12:00 (BST),  20:00 (BST)

One of the biggest challenges in studying abroad can be determining which university is right for you. This session will review points to consider when choosing a UK university, trustworthy and useful online resources for doing research, and offer suggestions on what questions to ask as you move forward with your decision!