Goldsmiths Security Card Photo Identification

The purpose of this web page is to enable you to upload a photograph of yourself that can then be used by the College to create a Goldsmiths security access card for you.

Before uploading your photograph please ensure that the file size is less than 1Mb and the file type is either JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

If you experience any difficulties using this service, please email, attaching a copy of the file that contains your photograph and quoting your name and eight-digit Student Reference Number (you will find this number quoted in College correspondence to you).

Please complete the fields below by entering the requested information.

Once your details have been validated you will be able to upload a photographic image. This image will need to be a good likeness of yourself and of a high quality, because it will be printed on your personal security card which you will receive as part of the enrolment process.

Goldsmiths Reference Number  (8 digits)
Date of birth  (DD/MM/YYYY)