Study costs

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General study costs

Studying a degree incurs some general costs that you'll need to budget for. These may include:

  • Buying stationery, notebooks, computing equipment and study software for your modules
  • Travel costs to get to university
  • Photocopying and printing costs
  • Buying textbooks and reading materials
  • Attending conferences and events related to your programme
  • Costs associated with graduation - you'll be asked to pay for your robes and tickets to the graduation ceremony

Costs specific to your course

There may also be additional costs associated with your specific programme. This can include things like paying for field trips or specialist materials for your assignments. For example, if you're studying an art degree you'll be expected to provide your own materials for creating your work. You can check individual course pages to find out whether your course has these additional costs associated. You'll find this information in the programme specification.

Living costs

Your living expenses at university will vary according to your personal circumstances and choices. Here are some rough estimates of what you might be spending weekly:

Budget: £158-£337 per week

The majority of single rooms in our halls cost between £158-£234 per week (including bills), depending on what kind of accommodation and facilities you choose. We also offer some self-contained studio rooms or rooms that can accommodate couples that will cost up to £337

Private accommodation in the local area is relatively cheap compared to other parts of London, so you should be able to find affordable accommodation once you leave halls and start renting privately, but you should bear in mind that utility costs are expected to go up this year.

Budget: variable

If you're living in our halls then utilities such as electricity and gas are included in your rent. If you're renting privately, this may vary depending on the supplier.

Budget: £6-£15 a week

If you want to have a TV either in halls or in private accommodation, you'll need to get a TV Licence.

Currently, a TV Licence costs £150.50 per year payable in monthly instalments or as a lump sum. For more information, please visit the TV Licensing website.

Internet access is included in halls of residence costs, but if you’re in private accommodation you'll need to budget for this as well.

Also consider your mobile phone costs. If you're an international student then it may make sense to buy a new mobile phone package that will work in the UK and make calls cheaper for you.

Budget: £30-40 per week

If you're in shared accommodation, buying in bulk and cooking meals with your housemates can help keep food costs down. You can also save money by preparing your own lunch on the days you're at university.

Budget: £20-£50 per week

We recommend budgeting around £20-£50 a week for socialising. There are plenty of great places for eating and drinking out in the local area as well as discounts offered to students for club nights, theatre and cinema tickets. It’s always worth getting an NUS card from the Students' Union, which will offer further student discounts.

Louis and Beth share their tips for managing your money