Insider-Outsider Report

Research report by Sofia Akel examining the role of race in shaping the experiences of Black and minority ethnic students at Goldsmiths university and Students’ Union.

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Insider-Outsider, researched by Attainment Gap Advisor and Researcher Sofia Akel who conducted interviews, focus groups and a survey with Black and minority ethnic students at Goldsmiths.

The research was concerned with exploring the role of race in key junctures of the student life-cycle, from the classroom to the social, within both Goldsmiths university and Goldsmiths Students’ Union.

Some of the key findings:

  • Over 80% of students reported that their courses were representative of the white experience, achievements and works
  • 28% believed that their course content is representative of Black and minority ethnic experiences
  • 26% reported experiencing racism from students and staff members
  • 37% of students felt excluded from participating in university life due to racial discrimination
  • 36% of students felt confident in reporting racism to Goldsmiths Students’ Union

This report was published in October 2019 at the Decolonising Goldsmiths: Mission Impossible? event.

Event: Decolonising Goldsmiths: Mission Impossible?

This event, held on 8 October 2019, explored issues of race and racism in the context of Goldsmiths and more broadly.

The evening also sought to provide a space for staff from across Goldsmiths and Goldsmiths Students’ Union to hear about the work that has been undertaking in this area and to share in a conversation about race and racism.

The event included:

  • An introduction from Professor Frances Corner (Goldsmiths' Warden) expressing both the College’s and her own commitment to supporting and delivering work on racial justice here
  • An update from Marilyn Clarke (Head of Discovery Services, The Library) on decolonising activities being led by the library and how these support teaching and learning
  • The launch of Sofia Akel’s (Research and Attainment Gap Advisor, Goldsmiths) report Insider-Outsider (PDF) which documents the experiences of Black and minority ethnic students at Goldsmiths university and Goldsmiths Students’ Union
  • Dr Nicola Rollock (Racial Justice Goldsmiths Lead) was in conversation with Nels Abbey, author of 'Think Like a White Man' discussing racism in the workplace, education and more broadly