Race Equality Charter

Goldsmiths is a member of the Advance HE Race Equality Charter and is working towards a Bronze award.

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Goldsmiths has been a member of the Race Equality Charter since June 2021.

The Race Equality Charter is an external charter mark accredited by Advance HE, aiming to improve the representation, progression and success of staff and students of colour in higher education.

It is a framework that helps institutions to identify and begin to uproot the barriers faced by people of colour at the institution. The application process aids the formation of an action plan for race justice.

Why we are part of the Race Equality Charter

Our decision to become a member of the Race Equality Charter occurs in the context of accelerated race justice work at the College.

In particular, the Race Justice Strategic Framework will lead the College’s approach to anti-racism and has been developed to align with the requirements of the Race Equality Charter.

The College views the Charter as a valuable framework for the pursuit of ambitious anti-racist work across the institution.

The accreditation is not an end in itself, but a means of focusing and organising our work towards race justice, including the fulfilment of commitments made to Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action (GARA) following their occupation.   

Through its surveys and data evaluation, the Charter supports us to make vital interventions in support of our obligations to the Equality Act and our Access and Participation Plan.  

The Race Equality Charter helps us to understand the race disparities that exist in our institution, and helps us work towards equality for all. 

Once Goldsmiths achieves a Bronze award, the College will have three years to implement the actions before applying for a renewal, making the Charter a valuable tool for momentum and accountability in higher education.

Our Self-Assessment Team

Advance HE specifies that institutions should assemble a Self-Assessment Team to coordinate the Race Equality Charter process.

We have placed a strong emphasis on the leadership and expertise of people of colour, and on representation of students, academic staff and professional services staff in our membership. 

  • Co-Chairs: Dr Veronica Poku, Head of Programme for MA Education: Culture, Language and Identity and Primary PGCE Maths lead; Second Co-Chair TBC.   
  • Pro-Warden Academic  
  • Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion
  • Race Equality Charter Officer  
  • Educational Developer – Decolonising Academic Practice  
  • Dean of Students  
  • Students' Union representatives (2) 
  • GARA (Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action) representative  
  • Academic representatives from each School (3) 
  • Head of Department representatives, one from each School (3) 
  • GREG (Goldsmiths Race Equality Group) representative  
  • Professional services staff representative  

The Self-Assessment Team will regularly invite other colleagues from across the College to be part of the assessment process.