Race Justice Strategic Framework

The Race Justice Strategic Framework sets out the guiding principles for anti-racism work across the College.

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The Race Justice Strategic Framework has been developed in consultation with the College's Race Justice Strategy Board, as well as students and staff from across Goldsmiths. 

It provides context around the urgency for race justice work at Goldsmiths and aims to help the College embed anti-racist practice across the institution.  

The Race Justice Strategic Framework provides guiding principles for anti-racism to ensure fulfilment of the commitments made in response to the occupation led by Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action in 2019.

The Framework has been informed by a range of evidence bases, including but not limited to the Insider-Outsider and Identity and Impact reports, as well as reports from Advance HE, HEPI, Universities UK, scholarly and peer-reviewed research on anti-racism within Higher Education. 

The strategic themes

The Framework contextualises overarching strategic themes as identified by the Race Justice Strategy Board.

These encompass the drivers of discrimination and experiences of racial bullying, discrimination, and harassment at Goldsmiths.  

These six strategic themes lay the foundation for the work of the Race Justice Strategy which will be reviewed and reported on each term. 

The strategic themes are:

  • A Safe Student Experience
  • People Supported and Empowered to Stay in a Place of Belonging 
  • Community Care, Governance and Accountability 
  • Outreach
  • Research
  • A Decolonised Curriculum 

Read the Race Justice Strategic Framework (PDF)