Finding international placements

Students looking for work, volunteering and short term study placements are responsible for finding a suitable placement before applying for the grant.

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In order to be eligible for Go Abroad funding students must find placements that meet the following criteria:

  • The placement must be hosted by an organisation
  • It should include a structured programme activity
  • It should be relevant to your degree or future career
  • The placement has to take place outside of the UK
  • International students cannot undertake a placement in their home country

Here are some ideas for where and how to start looking for international placements:

The following websites are also useful:

  • - a website which advertises internships across Europe. 
  • - Eurodesk
  • - European Solidarity Core
  • - AIESEC is a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. They offer volunteer placements and internships worldwide
  • - IVS is the UK member of Service Civil International (SCI), a worldwide network of like-minded branches and partner organisations supporting the mutual exchange of volunteers to work on projects of direct benefit to local communities. They offer affordable and grassroots volunteer opportunities worldwide
  • - work abroad, summer camp and volunteering
  • - casual and professional work abroad
  • -  placements and internships website, searchable by location and sector/profession
  • - international jobs and internships, both paid and unpaid
  • -  Intern Jobs - global database of internships
  • - IST Plus - professional internships around the world + teaching
  • - Summer Jobs - summer jobs and seasonal positions worldwide

Once you have found a placement we can help with funding to cover the travel and living costs of working or volunteering abroad.