Finding international placements

Students looking for work, volunteering and short term study placements are responsible for finding a suitable placement before applying for the grant.

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In order to be eligible for Go Abroad funding students must find placements that meet the following criteria:

  • The placement must be hosted by an organisation
  • It should include a structured programme activity
  • It should be relevant to your degree or future career
  • The placement has to take place outside of the UK
    International students cannot undertake a placement in their home country

How to find an international placement

Think about your objectives

  • What do you want to do – study, work, volunteering, a virtual placement?
  • What skills and experience are you looking to gain? More guidance.
  • What kind of placement would suit me?
  • Where in the world would you like to go?
  • What are the local attitudes, what support is in place, what languages do I want to learn?
  • Start researching

Start researching

  • Ask your department if they can suggest possible hosts through research collaborations or networks 
  • Speak to the Careers Service for guidance on identifying and approaching potential hosts 
  • Get in touch directly with an organisation that you are interested in working with
  • Read the advice on the international volunteering page
  • Read our blog on how to find a placement

Useful links

The following websites are useful starting points to research working or volunteering abroad:

Once you have found a placement, we can help with funding to cover the travel and living costs of working or volunteering abroad.

Some of the options you could apply for funding for include:

International Summer Schools

Universities around the world organise summer schools for international students. You could apply for funding to study at one of our partner universities. Some examples of courses they offer are below:

UniversityCountryMore information
Freie Universitat Berlin Germany
Dongguk University
S. Korea   
Cologne University Germany

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht The Netherlands
Humboldt University Berlin Germany
Roskilde University  Denmark
KU Leuven Belgium
Pazmany Peter Catholic University Hungary
Trinity College Dublin Ireland Samuel Beckett Summer School:
University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
University of Bologna Italy
University of Copenhagen Denmark
University of Gothenburg Sweden
University of Malta Malta
University of Trento Italy
You will need to be nominated by Goldsmiths for the Trento Psychology summer school. Apply by 29 March via our summer study placements page.
University of Vienna Austria
University of Zagreb Croatia

Fees and application deadlines vary.

Foreign Language courses

The best way to learn a language is to study it in a country where it is spoken. You could study Spanish in Spain or South America, Italian in Italy or Arabic in Egypt or Morocco. Apply for funding to help with the costs. Below are some examples of reputable language courses you might want to consider:

German courses at the Goethe Institut – find out more at

French courses at the Alliance Francaise – They run French language courses in a number of cities around the world and in France, for example in Toulouse and Paris.


In the past we have sent a student from Theatre and Performance on an acting course in Los Angeles, a Computing student to a Hackathon in Berlin, and a Psychology student to a week-long training programme. Find similar opportunities and apply for funding now.

Cultural programmes

Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance: The Confucius Institute provides scholarships for Goldsmiths students to experience Chinese culture in person.

Other opportunities in Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers funding for a variety of courses for both graduate and postgraduate students.

Opportunities in China

Exciting opportunities to study in China are offered through the Confuscius Institute Scholarship which can fund eligible undergraduate students to study in China. The Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship aims to fully or partially fund undergraduate and postgraduate students to study in China.

There is also the opportunity for an International Language Teachers Scholarship for non-Chinese citizens with some proficiency in Mandarin. This is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students can study in China for four weeks over the summer. Please email Confucius ( if interested in applying.