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BA (Hons) Education, Culture & Society

This degree will develop your knowledge of the education system in the UK and beyond. You'll enter into key debates about policy issues with a focus on social justice and equality, and understand education from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • Educational Studies

Why study Educational Studies at Goldsmiths?

Educational Studies isn’t just about teaching and learning. At Goldsmiths it’s exploratory and expansive. We see education as a window on which to view the world, and as something with the power to define who we are and how we live. As a department we’re interested in seeing what education can tell us about the social, political and economic forces of our times and what these forces mean for the everyday lives of individuals and groups at different levels of society.

  • Our research and our education courses delve into areas including culture and identity, gender, multilingualism, and youth cultures, and why we maintain a commitment to social justice and inclusion. 
  • We have a strong pedigree in teacher training – we’ve been doing it since 1904 – and have gained recognition from Ofsted for our ‘outstanding contribution’ to widening participation in Initial Teacher Education.
  • As a student here you have the chance to start or continue your studies into primary and secondary teaching including PGCE through a range of routes. Whether you want to learn how to be a teacher or find out more more about education, training and society, then we have education degrees that will suit you.
  • Education at Goldsmiths has been ranked 8th in the UK for the quality of our research in the Research Excellence Framework.

Study abroad

The Department of Educational Studies offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree.

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