Undergraduate Sociology & Criminology degrees at Goldsmiths

Study the relationship between social structures and groups in society. You'll explore exciting and pertinent topics like race, class, gender, power, crime, injustice and human rights.

Why study Sociology & Criminology at Goldsmiths?

  • Now is an important time to engage in the study of social groups to understand the dynamics of our contemporary lives, and at Goldsmiths you'll connect theory and research to do this
  • You'll develop fantastic skills in conducting interviews, carrying out primary research, ethnography (recording an environment from the point of view of the group you're studying), survey design, and analysing big data and visual evidence – all of which are highly desirable in the workplace and can be applied to a wide range of careers
  • On some of our degrees you'll have the opportunity to take a work placement, where you could find yourself mentoring young people, or supporting a victim of crime

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Looking back, studying at Goldsmiths has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It completely changed the way I think, perceive, analyse and feel the world around me.

Marta, BA Sociology

Marta, BA Sociology
Contemporary approach
We work hard to push the discipline forward, so you'll engage in topical discussions and apply contemporary issues to your learning
A fascinating city
Studying sociology in London provides so many opportunities to observe different social groups and relationships in a live setting
You'll develop highly employable technical skills like being able to conduct interviews, design surveys, and analyse data

Take a tour of the campus with students Drew and Clare

Why choose Goldsmiths, University of London?

Goldsmiths was founded in 1891 and has been part of the University of London for nearly 120 years. Alongside this history comes an innovative and creative approach to the subjects you can study, and a commitment to social and environmental justice. 

As a Goldsmiths student you'll enjoy a single-site campus in New Cross, South East London. It's in Zone 2 and just 10 minutes by train to Central or East London. So you can access the best of the world's top student city while still enjoying a friendly and supportive student community.

An aerial view of the Goldsmiths campus, with the College Green in the foreground and the back of the redbrick Richard Hoggart Building in the background

Enjoy a single-site campus experience just 10 minutes by train to Central or East London

London's Piccadilly Circus by night, featuring a London Underground sign in the foreground and big neon screens in the background

Make the most of being in London, voted the world's top city to be a student (QS Best Student Cities 2023)

Studying at Goldsmiths had a great impact on me as I met so many students from all over the world. People at Goldsmiths are very welcoming, kind and accepting. It is a great environment and helped me to come out of my shell.

Hannah, BA Criminology

Hannah, BA Criminology