Development opportunities

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At Goldsmiths, we value being a learning organisation.

Our aim is to develop and equip staff with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenging and changing context of Higher Education, whilst supporting Goldsmiths’ aim to enhance the staff and student experience.

Training and development programmes

We offer a wide range of training courses and leadership development programmes, as well as bespoke activities, e-learning, mentoring, coaching, and networks to help our staff thrive personally and professionally. Our various development activities are facilitated by both external and internal specialists.

Performance and development reviews

Goldsmiths recognises the significance of career progression and providing opportunities for staff to excel professionally. The annual performance and development review (PDR) helps us achieve this by offering staff an opportunity to review the previous year and set objectives for the new year.


We have also developed comprehensive procedures for grading, re-grading and progression (in accordance with the Framework Agreement), which includes the annual Academic Promotions and Pay and Progression processes.