Staff wellbeing

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We offer a range of activities and resources to develop the social, physical, mental and spiritual factors of wellbeing.

Goldsmiths is committed to supporting the wellbeing of both its staff and students. We understand that positive wellbeing enables staff to flourish and achieve their full potential inside and outside of work, for the benefit of themselves, the university and its students.

We therefore offer staff a range of activities and resources to develop the social, physical, mental and spiritual factors of wellbeing.

Some of the benefits offered by Goldsmiths Staff Wellbeing are:

Mental wellbeing

Good mental health helps staff to fulfil their individual potential and brings wider benefits to our community.

Goldsmiths offer staff:

  • Free in-house face-to-face or telephone counselling
  • Mental health awareness and building resilience workshops
  • Access to Mental Health First Aiders
  • Online and telephone mental wellbeing resource

On-site occupational health

Goldsmiths' partnership with PAM offers an occupational health service that underpins an environment within the university which helps staff thrive, irrespective of disability and ill health. They work with us to prevent work-related illness and injury and to assist staff to return to work after sickness absence.

Staff Assistance Programme

Our Staff Assistance Programme offers staff access to a free confidential telephone helpline service available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

As well as face-to-face counselling the service offers information and advice on a whole range of personal, emotional, family, legal and financial questions that we all have to deal with from time to time and can affect us at both home and at work.

Staff Wellbeing Programme

The Staff Wellbeing Programme provides staff with an opportunity to learn and develop as an individual and to build relationships with others from across Goldsmiths. The programme includes a range of weekly activities including:

  • Staff choir
  • Creative writing
  • Chess club
  • Mindfulness
  • Financial awareness sessions
  • Massage

Supporting staff to support students

Understanding how to support the wellbeing of students can, in turn, boost the wellbeing of staff. Goldsmiths therefore provide an assortment of resources to help assist with this, including regular lunchtime briefings on relevant topics.