Claire Loussouarn

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Department Anthropology
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Claire Loussouarn

Dr Claire Loussouarn is an anthropologist, filmmaker and movement practitioner.

She’s currently editing a documentary about female New York boxers, Unstoppable, in collaboration with anthropologist Jesse Shipley ( and She has also made three shorts films in collaboration with artist and historian Professor Khadija Von Zinnenburg: Snail Eating Theatre which looks at the unfinished opera of Marrakesh in Morocco (, Artists in Residence which uses drawings made by refugees in detention centre to speak about their experience ( and Subcutaneous Ha-has and the Evolution of Polymorphic Animalcules about a plant performance in Kew Gardens (

Dr Claire Loussouarn studied at Goldsmiths where she completed her doctoral thesis on Chinese gambling in London and was a research fellow for 3 years as part of the GAMSOC project during which she carried out further research on risk-taking in financial trading in the UK.

She teaches the short course: Introduction to Visual Anthropology

Research Interests

Her current interests are slow cinema, the intersections of reality and fiction, the dialogue of moving images and moving bodies, various forms of movement improvisation, the anatomy of moving bodies, oral storytelling and the feral child.


Loussouarn, C. 2017. Dancing with Nature Off the Leash. In von Zinnenburg, K. (ed.) Botanical Drift: Economic Botany and its Plant Protagonists, Berlin: Sternberg Press.

Loussouarn, C. 2013. Spread Betting and the City of London. In Cassidy, R., Loussouarn, C. and Pisac, A. (eds.) Qualitative Research in Gambling: Exploring the Production and Consumption of Risk, London: Routledge.