Sam Gathercole

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Position Associate Lecturer in Design
Department Design
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Sam Gathercole

Sam is an associate lecturer on BA Design at Goldsmiths College, working as a Context Mentor on the Year 3 Contextual Report. He is also a Lecturer in Contextual and Theoretical Studies in the Design School at London College of Communication (UAL).

He has a BA Fine Art from University of Manchester, an MA in History of Art in Liverpool University and received his doctorate from University of Manchester.

Although Sam’s research centres on modernist art and architecture, he has written on a range of modern and contemporary art & design subjects. His particular specialism is post-war British art and architecture with a focus on British Constructivism. Recent publications include the essays ‘British Constructivist Art’ (British Art Studies, Issue 3 2016) and ‘The Concrete and the Human’ (Concrete Parallels: British Constructivism and Brazilian Concrete & Neo Concrete Art, São Paulo 2013). In 2014, Sam co-edited (with Colin Robson) a publication, An Experiment in Total Environment: Pasmore and Paterson in Peterlee. In 2016, he participated in the ‘Visiting Scholars Fellowship’ scheme at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal.