Martin Conreen

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Position Senior Lecturer in Design
Department Design
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7792
Martin Conreen


BA Design, MA Design – Critical Practice, MRes in Design, MPhil/PhD

Areas of supervision

PhD supervision topics
My research student supervision is located in the following broadly defined areas: Design practice; creative methods; phenomenology; materials; material culture; manufacturing and processing materials; materials innovation and materiality; sustainable design; user/object relationships.

Research Interests

Since spring 2005 my major research interest has been in the field of new and emerging materials. This interest extends to regular /traditional materials and those resources that are steadily depleting and soon to be a thing (material) of the past. This work has led to making speculative objects such as the “Crystacast proto-type thermochromic brick” for an exhibition of New materials,“Materials of invention, 100 years of construction innovation” at The Building centre London in June 2006 and speaking at the Materials of invention Conference, The Building centre London 26th June 2006 (paper titled ” New Materials”).
In a short period of time this work has led me to be invited to a number of networks as well as being a founder member and contributor to the materials library at Kings college London. The main focus of this work is to establish new and sustainable ways for artists and designers to understand and experiment with new and emerging materials. To invent new methods of production for some of these materials so as to make them safer and easier to work with. To co-create a materials library for the creative industries in the UK, particularly to enable artists, designers architects, etc to have access to materials as they emerge rather than when they are available in the distant future.



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Conference or Workshop Item

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Book Section

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Edited Book

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