Information about Goldsmiths' insurance policies.

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Employer's Liability Insurance

This policy provides cover for the employer in the event of claims brought by employees based on injury to their person suffered in the course of employment as a result of the fault of the employer.

In the case of seconded staff, work experience placements and persons temporarily attached to the University, other employers or authorities may require confirmation or certificate of our insurance cover. Our cover is £25,000,000 plus an additional £5,000,000 equating to a cumulative total of £30,000,000.

Insurance certificate (PDF)

Public & Product Liability Insurance

This policy provides an indemnity to the college for its legal liability for injury to persons (other than employees) and damage to material property belonging to other persons arising in connection with the business of the university.

Our insurers will handle all public liability claims where property damage exceeds £250 and/or personal injury is involved. Please inform the Insurance Team of any activity, research or consultancy of an unusual nature or involving aerial activity, pollution or clinical trials. Our cover is £25,000,000 plus an additional £5,000,000 equating to a cumulative total of £30,000,000.

Insurance certificate (PDF)

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This is a summary of the cover, for more detail please contact Goldsmiths Insurance Department.

This provides cover against claims from third parties for breach of professional duty and negligent acts, errors or omissions in giving advice, design specification or report and relates solely to the staff of the university, not students.

The cover includes libel, slander, and breach of confidentiality, but excludes claims arising from any matter published wholly or in part by students.

The University holds fully comprehensive motor insurance covering damage to the vehicle and liability to third parties for specified vehicles owned by the University.

If you are using your own vehicle in connection with college business you must ensure that you have the correct type of motor insurance (to include any business usage).

Hiring Vehicles

Vehicles hired within the UK for college business are covered by our policy although the college's preferred supplier Enterprise should be used. This also includes vehicles hired within the UK but driven into Europe. However, any vehicle hired outside of the UK, will NOT be covered by the policy. Staff wishing to hire vehicles while abroad must ensure they take out insurance from within the country the vehicle is being hired from.

If you are hiring a vehicle within the UK vehicle for 14 days or more, you must contact the Insurance Team so that the vehicle's details can be added to our motor database.

In the event that you need to make a motor claim under the college's motor insurance policy, please contact the Insurance Team. Depending on the nature of the claim, an excess charge will need to be paid by the relevant department.

Motor Fleet (PDF)