Account issues and passwords

All staff and students must register their Goldsmiths IT account when they receive their initial login details.

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Registering your account will allow you to reset your password anytime.

Reset and set up a new password

To reset your campus password you need to visit our Password Manager Portal. Please note the following: 

  • In order to use the portal, you need to have registered your Questions & Answers Profile (your security questions). If you haven't done so, you will need to visit the IT Service Desk in person to reset your password as we cannot provide them via email or phone.

  • To log into the portal, you need to enter your username in the format CAMPUS\jbond007

  • Only active student and staff members can use the portal. If you are an alumnus, contact alumni ( who can put in your request. Please note that the IT Service Desk email address does not receive external emails.

Unlock account

Your account can sometimes get locked. It can happen after too many incorrect password attempts, or other reasons.

If you registered your Goldsmiths IT account on the Password Manager Portal, you can unlock your account by logging in the portal with CAMPUS\jbond007 (with your username instead of jbond007) and selecting Unlock Account

Alternatively, call the IT Service Desk 020 7919 7555 and we can unlock it for you.