Teaching Rooms

IT and Digital Services support over 150 teaching spaces across our campus, with facilities ranging from a mobile TV unit to 300-seat lecture theatres.

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In each teaching room you will find an identical touch screen beside an input panel for your laptop or USB stick.

Every room has a built-in PC and Apple Mac computer that can be selected from the touch screen.

Smaller rooms include a wireless connection for PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices that allow presentation without a log-in or cables, and larger rooms are equipped with digital overhead projectors.

Our larger teaching spaces have recording facilities, surround sound and granular lighting controls

Getting Help

Should you require assistance with any of the technology in the classrooms, the IT Service Desk will be pleased to advise you or arrange an appointment with one of our AV technicians to run through the equipment. 

All of our supported classrooms are proactively monitored and faults resolved before and after teaching commences.

Should you discover an issue during your teaching please contact us by using the phone in the teaching room. The phone will be labelled with IT Support, Estates and Security. Press the button next to IT support. Alternatively, you can contact us via live chat.

Powering down

Please make sure that you log off the built-in PC or Mac at the end of your teaching session, and power down the AV equipment using the touch screen controls. Please do not switch off, unplug or reconfigure any of the AV equipment in the space as doing so will prevent the next class from starting smoothly.

Connecting your own device

Please note that we provide HDMI and VGA connections only in our classrooms, so if your device requires an adapter you will need to bring one with you. The IT Service Desk offers some adapters through the equipment loan service.

Event support

If you are running an event and you would like to hire a dedicated technician to support the AV equipment, or film/record the event, please contact the IT Service Desk, with full details of the event, including dates, times, location and AV requirements.

Please note:
Event support with a dedicated technician is a chargeable service and subject to the availability of a technician. Requests must be made to the IT Service Desk, for review, at least 7 working days prior to the event.

We aim to notify you at least 3 working days before the event if a dedicated technician is unavailable.


If you have an issue that cannot be resolved with information covered in this page, contact the IT Service Desk.

How to use our teaching rooms