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Accessing printers, the cost and paying for them

You can print and scan documents on our Print Stations in the library. You can send documents to print from Goldsmiths computers or your own personal devices.

You need to pay for printing first via a pre-payment system known as Pcounter.

Help guide: how to print from a Pcounter print station (PDF download)

Paying for printing

We use a pre-payment system known as Pcounter for student printing.

Cost of printing

  • A4 black-and-white printing - 4p per side
  • A3 black-and-white printing - 8p per side
  • A4 colour printing - 8p per side
  • A3 colour printing - 16p per side


Before you are able to print you will need to associate your Goldsmiths ID card with your Pcounter account. This can be done at the value loader machines located on the ground floor near the Library Help Desk, or at the printers in the Student Information Technology Zone (SITZ) on the first floor.

Swipe your Goldsmiths card and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to enter your username and password.

Help guide: connecting your Goldsmiths card to your Pcounter account (PDF download)

Adding credit

You can add printing credit to your account through one of two ways:

  1. Via a Pcounter value loader machine located on the ground and first floors of the Library, or
  2. Use a credit or debit card through the Web Payments system

You must register your account beforeyou are able to add print credit onto your account.

Value loader machines accept coins only.

Checking your balance

To check your Pcounter balance, swipe your card in any Pcounter reader or value loader machine or visit the Web Payments website.

Some departments accept Pcounter credit to pay for various items, as do Design & Print Services.


Money can be re-added to Pcounter accounts in the event of a technical fault or printer error.

If you find yourself with credit remaining at the end of your studies, please email the IT Service Desk at helpdesk( The Service Desk will confirm your account balance before passing the information over to the Finance team to handle any refund after outstanding fees and fines have been taken into consideration.


Printing from your own device (mobile printing)

You can print from your own device to a Pcounter printer by visiting:

Mobile Printing (you need to be connected to Eduroam)

  1. Connect your device to the eduroam wi-fi network. You must be connected to eduroam in order to use mobile printing. For more information on this process, see 'Connecting to wifi'
  2. Go to the mobile printing website on your personal Mac or PC. Log into mobile printing using your username and password.
  3. Upload the file that you would like to print using the browse button.
  4. Once the document has been uploaded, you can further configure your print job by clicking the Advanced button (colour printing, page selection, single-sided settings are all configured in this menu). Once you've made the appropriate changes, or if you wish to print with the default print settings, click the 'Library Printing' button. Documents must be in PDF format or an image file (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF).
  5. Swipe your Goldsmiths student card at a printer of your choice to bring up your current print jobs. Select the desired document and press the printer button to print.

Default print settings

As per our environmental policy, by default our printers are set to print in black-and-white duplex (double-sided).

You can usually set a specific job to print single-sided and in colour by changing the printer selection within the document during the print preview, or by choosing the correct printer after sending the print job.


You can scan documents and have them sent via email using our printers.

Scanning to email from a colour printer (PDF download)

Scanning to email from a mono printer (PDF download)

Need more help?

Talk to us at the IT Service Desk or give us a ring.

You can find us in the Rutherford building, first floor.

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