Scanning on campus

You can scan documents and have them sent via email using our printers.

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You can scan on campus in two ways: 

  • From the printers in the Library directly to your email
  • From the scanners in the Digital Media Suite to our Library computers

Campus: Pcounter

If you want to scan and edit a document, the best option is to use one of the scanners in the Digital Media Suite on the second floor of the Library. 

You can use any scanner in this room and scan to one of the iMacs. Instructions vary depending on the model. If you need assistance, please enquire with us at the IT Service Desk

Scanning to your emails is advisable when you have a lot of pages to scan and you do not need to edit the scanned images. You can scan to your email by:

  1. Going to one of the printers in the Library and scan your Goldsmiths ID card on the card reader. Please note that even if scanning is for free, you will need to have £0.13 credit in your card in order to use this function.
  2. On the touchscreen press Scan.
  3. Open the lid of the scanner at the top and place the document you need to scan face-down on the scanner surface, then close the lid. 
  4. On the printer touch screen select Scan and Sendthen New Destination and E-Mail.
  5. Type the email address you want to send the scanned document to, then press the large green button on the printer-scanner. The document should begin to scan.
  6. On the printer touchscreen, make any last-minute changes to the scan colour and page settings, then press Start Sending

If you need to scan more than one page, put a new document face down on the scanner and press the large green button on the printer for each document. You can do this before step 6 if you want a single document to be sent to your email.

Please wait a few minutes to receive your scan, it will be in PDF format and it will be sent from the email address noreply(

Library: Papercut

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register as a New User
  3. Fill out the Register New User Account form with a valid email address then click on Register
  4. Once you have successfully created an account you get a screen like this below. You need to go to your personal email address that you have registered with papercut & validate your account
  5. Go to the Papercut printer and tap on the screen. Select Username and password
  6. Enter the username & password that you have set up on Paper Cut
  7. Place the sheet on the photocopier & Select Copy - Click on Copy
  8. Select the type of setting that you require: Eg. Black & White or Full Color
  9. Finally, click on Start to release the job from the printer

  1. Touch your card on the Green PaperCut reader 
  2. Tap on ‘Scan’ 
  3. It will autofill your goldsmiths email automatically 
  4. If need be, you can change the subject of the email and the filename of the file 
  5. You can also click on settings to access all the various settings 
  6. If you have multiple pages to scan, please tick the box that says “Prompt for more pages” 
  7. Once you are ready to scan, press the button that says “Start scanning” 
  8. Allow 5 minutes to receive your Document to your Goldsmiths email account 
  9. Access the email address you should find scan attached, Sent from